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Winning the battle of technology talents

  • Becoming familiar with Git
  • Set up VSCode for .NET & Web development
  • Loaded a relational data set through pgAdmin (CSV)
  • Learnt how to write TSQL to analyse and find trends within a data set
  • Learnt about the concept of & develop a basic RESTFul service
  • Introduced to angular (using http://angular.io/start)
  • Were able to connect all layers of the stack
  • Use Kanban (Trello) to manage projects
  • How to define an MVP

What is a Demo day?

How to start a strong career in AI Tech

  • Ben, 30, application engineer with the R&D team. He graduated with a sports science degree and subsequently worked in the technical ceramics industry for eight years, then took the plunge with this massive career change.
  • Jack, 22, application engineer with the R&D team. He graduated with a degree in computer science and spent three years working as pub barman. This will be his first role in the industry.
  • Sukhamrit, 28 yrs old, SQL engineer with the Professional Services team. She completed degrees in IT, computer science, and software development in India and Australia, before coming to the UK to be with her husband. The Code Academy was her first taste of training and work since arriving.




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Sidetrade Tech Hub

AI-powered Order-To-Cash Platform

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