A key part of our cash collection service involves document conversion from HTML templates to DOC, XLS or PDF.

After years of usage, our current solution causes us conversion issues from time to time and we also started seeing limitations such as difficulty of integrating it into new APIs.


The problem — Do you trust your data?

By Victor Bouvier, Data Scientist at Sidetrade

Before deploying a machine learning (ML) model into a product, we need to evaluate its performance. A well-adopted practice is to split the data into a train set (data used for training the model) and…

By Christelle Dhrif, Chief Communications Officer at Sidetrade.

Birmingham Tech Week became the largest regional technology festival in the UK after its hugely successful inaugural event last year. It attracted more than 5,000 attendees to seminars and workshops held across the city. Birmingham now has around 6,000 tech companies that…

By James Vickery, Jamie Hennerley and Yassine Fastani

SideHack2020 T-Shirt, Stickers and Pizza

A hackathon aims to produce exciting and valuable projects while providing an opportunity for teams from different countries to build new work relationships.

After eleven hackathons, which typically consisted of our entire R&D flying out to Paris, our twelfth was a challenge…

R&D Superheroes

By Luke Hennerley, Lead Application Engineer at Sidetrade

Covid-19 forced many businesses to re-evaluate and understand how they can emerge in a position of strength in a post-pandemic world. As lockdowns forced cinemas to close across the globe, we all faced a summer without superheroes. …

Our open-sourced frontend stack and the story behind it

By Clément Déon, Frontend Architect, and Luke Hennerley, Lead Application Engineer at Sidetrade

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

The essentials

Need a solid React stack for your next enterprise-sized application? We’ve setup everything you need to get started into a Github repo available here:

It’s built with:

  • 🏗…

by Dr Clément Chastagnol, Head of Data Science, Sidetrade

On 3 November 1936, Franklin D. Roosevelt was triumphantly elected President of the United States, with over 60% of the votes, much to the embarrassment of Literary Digest, a leading magazine, which had predicted a landslide victory for his Republican opponent…

50 applications, burritos, and five new Code Academy Graduates

By Luke Hennerley, Lead Application Manager at Sidetrade and Mark Sheldon, CTO at Sidetrade.

Coding bootcamps in the UK are a good thing, but they’re not perfect. I’ve always believed — as someone who’s been an apprentice with Microsoft, and spent…

By Clément Chastagnol, Head of Data Science, Loïc Petit, Senior Data Engineer, and Jie Lu, Data Scientist at Sidetrade.

Are you a user of Facebook’s multi-lingual aligned word embeddings MUSE? …

By Luke Hennerley, Lead Application Manager at Sidetrade.

At the age of 14, I took a keen interest in programming, and by the age of 16 I was learning Java to work on my own version of a popular online game.

Self-learning and apprenticeships instead of a degree

Then it…

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