3 ways techies can get value from Twitter

1. Create your Tech Twitter profile

Sometimes a little distance is a good thing, and having a dedicated profile for Tech Twitter helps in more ways than one; it keeps your personal opinions separate and allows you to follow people in the community who interest you professionally and who post useful content. This means that when you’re on your Tech Twitter timeline you can be in “learning” mode, and when you’re using your personal account, your timeline could well be full of people talking about sports, Boris Johnson’s latest party or even worse… Love Island.

2. Follow people who post interesting threads 🧵

The most interesting profiles in the Twitter community are focused on “building an audience” for their content and would be quantified by the number of newsletters, blog or Youtube subscriptions. In Twitter terms, it’s the standard social popularity currency — followers.

3. Be a part of the community

Once you have your own profile and a cohort of interesting accounts filling your newsfeed, you’re then ready to start engaging in your new-found Tech Twitter community.

  • Retweet, like and reply to interesting Tweets you come across
  • Follow all of your colleagues to get inspiration from accounts they’re following and engaging with
  • Outside of Twitter itself, share/talk about interesting Tweets with your colleagues, recommend your favourite profiles
  • Keep a note of your favourite posts you come across, so you can revisit them in the future



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